Poem: A Love Letter to Death

Death, My Dearest Friend How wonderful it is to meet you again, Your silent embrace calms the world and sets forth new adventures for my soul.More

Poem: If They Dusted Your Heart for Fingerprints

If they dusted your heart for fingerprints, would they find mine? Would they find my DNA upon your lips left behind from our last goodbye kiss? Would historians ever be able to find evidence that I loved you? That you Loved Me? That you. owned. me…More

Poem: At The Speed of Light

If I could, I would fathom myself into a constellation I would lay my body between the heavens and the earth just so that if you ever looked above you and said a prayer to God I would make sure he hears you.More

Poem: My Pain

I am a hooker for pain pimped out to calamity because tragedy seems to be the only commodity that’s suitable for my trade. I strip tease insanity and lap dance to sadness I pole dance for an audience of fear and anxiety I give an erection to suicidal thoughts because life is hard. But through…More