Companies assisting small businesses during COVID-19

Small businesses are the lifeblood of many economies around the world. The recent COVID-19 outbreak is having a disproportionate impact on these businesses, who lack the resources of larger organizations to stay open. Here is a list of technology companies that are helping small businesses by enabling remote work throughout this period. Book: The Top…More

Life @ Codeable – You can be happy at work.

Exceptional by exceptions – When Work meets heart. Prologue: Happiness is not the goal. You do not need to always be happy. Have great days all the time. But being content and fulfilled can accompany through light and through the darkness. I have had a decade long career in the WordPress, Web, and Tech world…More

Fact: Business Writing Sucks

…and how to change the suck and be heard. Riddle: What takes up space and makes no sense, is boring yet important, makes readers see red instead of being read, and nothing valuable is ever said? Answer: Business Writing!More

The Death of Content Marketing

A Eulogy for Content Marketing with content that will make you ‘content’ I never thought that I would ever be happy at a funeral, but our Dear Ol’ Friend Content Marketing has passed away, and it is for the best. May he rest in peace. Although, knowing him, ‘R.I.P’ probably means “Return If Possible” (#hashtag).More

Hot-air Balloons: The Secret to Entrepreneurial Success

How to start, stay and be awesome in business Floating above the world, looking down to an earth that is slowly getting smaller with every second that passes. As you rise higher you see the world with greater clarity, the bigger perspective emerges and you see everything as it is… and as it should be.…More