Dearest Madison,

Please ignore all spelling and grammar in this letter – I did.

We met under, what was for me, the most unusual of circumstances.

When I first met you, and once we got the necessary out of the way, we fell into conversation. I was deeply enamoured by the way you viewed life and the little things that made you smile.

I was acutely aware of my own awkwardness and the position that I was in. It did not take more than a few moments for me to wish that we met under different circumstances.

I was grateful that within 24 hours, that all changed.

Madison, it is true then as it is true now – You have an amazingly beautiful smile, not just due to your attractiveness, but due to your soul that fills the edges of your lips. The moment I saw your first smile, I knew I wanted to see them all, and I wanted to give you as many smiles as my lifetime could muster. I hope to have more time to do just that.

I watched you smile as you unpacked at my place.
When we visited and played with Kiyo.
In simple moments when you’ve stolen a new pen.

I’ve watched these moments and have, in every one of them, admired you and the person you are.

Madison, I could not claim to know you in any way. But I would like to spend the rest of our lives getting to know you should I ever be given the chance.

Should I not be given the chance, you should know that before meeting you I was ebbed in the darkest days of my life, and you were that iridescent being that unknowingly brought me out. You’ve given me the happiest and brightest days of my life and for that I am eternally grateful – I know you did not mean to, but you’re constantly to blame for my smiles. Thank you.

I am putting this up here, whether I make it or not, for you to always have a place to return to to see that you have been loved, even if it were short, it is true. It is real. It is for you.

Madison, all of this to simply say: “thank you for you”.
Someone was bound to come along some day and love you simply for existing, I am honored that it was me, and it may be many others, but right now, its me.

I do not know for sure what you have experience from me in this time and what you have felt, and if you have felt anything of what I have felt for you, but… It does not matter. My love for you has nothing to do with you, I love you as you are irrespective of how you may feel in return for me.

I hope you stay in a space that is true to you.
I hope, whether or not I stay for it, that I can help you stay in such a space.

You’re loved,