Dearest Colin (Papabear),
Wonderful Karen (Mamabear),
and Liam (Atlas).

Not everyone has the blessing and mercy of a loving family.
I now have the good fortune of two.

Thank you for opening your kind wide-arms for me and accepting me into your home.

When I first arrived there, I was acutely aware of your warm hearts and the kindness that filled the home, and I had already experienced much of it. But in that very short space of time from then until now, we have grown through unconditional love and many trying experiences.

Through all of it, we were consistently and constantly at each others side – as family.

I have gained a mother.
I have gained a father.
I have gained a brother.
I am honored to be called son.
I am honored to be called brother.
For this family, I shall forever be grateful.

I love you all,