Poem: Already gone.

(This is a poem about the thoughts & feelings that so many suffer with daily.) “He fought so hard“, people would say. And he did, he did, until he didn’t. Gone, long before his heart stopped beating. In a moment living merely became the passing of time. He was defeated by the long hard struggle of…More

My Talk on Mental Wellness at WordCamp Cape Town 2016

At WordCamp Cape Town this year, I gave talk on Mental Wellness, the WordPress Community, and You. An unusual talk for a tech conference, but one which needed to be spoken about – and I had no idea how it would go down. Watch on WordPress.tv Great, brave, talk from @leogopal. People need people! ❤…More

Dear Mothers

Dear Mothers, Please forgive us children who do not understand That You offer only a helping hand. A hand that has the strength to hold up the sky and we reject you and we make you cry… Please forgive us… I have seen the love of mothers, of all mothers with a love unmatched, unfathomable,…More

On loving and being loved

We talk of love as if it were just one thing: in fact, it’s two very different moves, Loving and Being Loved. You start to grow up when you stop focusing on the latter and get involved with the former. Original: On loving and being lovedMore

2015 Year in Review

This has been quite the year: I moved cities, spoke at some major events, started out in a fairly new industry, survived, had many ‘firsts’ and successes, as well as a lot of failures too.More