On Kindness

Contemplation of ‘Why?’ we learn, adhere to, and behave in certain ways has always intrigued me – one such question is: “Why do we find it necessary to be kind?” […]

In Praise of short-term love

Nothing lasts forever, and never has forever had such a short life span as in love and relationships. It was probably the French-Swiss film director, Jean-Luc Godard, who said it […]

On Affairs

When one is wronged, it is easy to feel angry. Anger robs us of the necessary sobriety of thought we need to grieve – something the end of an intimate […]

In Praise of Melancholy

As a species and a society, we have grown to over romanticize and popularize happiness and have exiled all feelings of the contrary to the unpopular and unwanted crevices of […]

An Open Letter to Myself

Dear Leo, Its me, you. You and I have been on quite a journey together. We have been through it all; side-by-side. We have cried on our knees at 3am, […]

Poem: Already gone.

(This is a poem about the thoughts &¬†feelings that so many suffer with daily.) “He fought so hard“, people would say. And he did, he did, until he didn’t. Gone, […]

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