On Affairs

When one is wronged, it is easy to feel angry. Anger robs us of the necessary sobriety of thought we need to grieve – something the end of an intimate relationship may need. Anger hi-jacks us of our faculties of thought required to think clearly and deeply about our loss. “Intimate relationships are perilous because […]

My Talk on Mental Wellness at WordCamp Cape Town 2016

At WordCamp Cape Town this year, I gave talk on Mental Wellness, the WordPress Community, and You. An unusual talk for a tech conference, but one which needed to be spoken about – and I had no idea how it would go down. Watch on WordPress.tv https://twitter.com/maxbarners/status/774164897810657280 Summary: The main point of this talk was […]

Dear Mothers

Dear Mothers, Please forgive us children who do not understand That You offer only a helping hand. A hand that has the strength to hold up the sky and we reject you and we make you cry… Please forgive us… I have seen the love of mothers, of all mothers with a love unmatched, unfathomable, […]