Leo Gopal on Speaking at #WordFest 2021 on Remote Happiness in tech.

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I am extremely honoured to be amongst a plethora of amazing speakers scheduled for WordFest Live 2021 by A Big Orange Heart (formerly WP&UP). My talk topic is titled:

โ†’ Remote Happiness: How to build and keep mental wellness in work and life.

Update(02 September 2021): Here is the recording of the WordFest Live Session on Remote Happiness:
Leo Gopal at WordFest Live 2021 Recorded Session on Remote Happiness.

Disclaimer: Firstly, I am neither an expert on the topic nor have I achieved it to any level of expert. I am a professional learner, and I have probably gotten more things wrong than most on the topic, but If I were to describe the talk, it would be a recovery guide on how to get it right when/before you get it so wrong.

I am also excited to note that my esteemed and super talented colleague from Codeable HQ, Sir Demo, will be speaking at WordFestLive as well.

โ†’ Check it out and sign up for WordFest Live 2021 if you have not done so yet.

About Leo Gopal

Leo Gopal is a writer of Code and Poetry, sometimes they are the same thing.

Leo Gopal has been part of the WordPress Community since he was a teenager (over a decade). Former Founder of WPHugs he is now part of the WP&UP team as a Mental Health Advisor. He is a Happiness Engineer with the awesome team at Codeable.io by day.

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