The happy dev community: A value-driven manifesto.

In the collaborative world, we are in, dev-communities can easily thrive, fail, or merely survive. The best developer and coder communities and projects often create a culture where everyone feels valued and safe both as a newcomer or veteran.

Here are some core values I believe in creating and sustaining happy developer communities in the long and short term. If anything, we can each aspire towards these are values.

1. Discrimination limits us:

All discrimination or exclusionary things: This includes discrimination based on race, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, nationality, technology and any other arbitrary exclusion of a group of people.

2. Boundaries honour us.

Your comfort levels are not everyone’s comfort levels. Remember that, and if brought to your attention, heed it.

3. We are our most significant assets.

None of us was born masters of our trade. Each of us has, at some point, received help along the way. Return that favour when and where you can.

4. We are resources for the future.

As an extension of #3, share what you know. Make yourself a resource to help those that come after you.

5. Respect defines us:

Treat others better than you wish to be treated and better than you may think they deserve. Make your discussions, criticisms and debates from a position of respectfulness. Ask yourself, is it true? Is it necessary? Is it constructive? Anything less is unacceptable.

6. Reactions require grace.

Angry responses are valid, but abusive language and vindictive actions are toxic. When something happens, that offends you, handle it assertively, but be respectful. Escalate reasonably, and try to allow the offender an opportunity to explain themselves and possibly correct the issue.

7. Opinions are just that: opinions.

Every one of us, due to our background and upbringing, have varying opinions. That is perfectly acceptable. Remember this: if you respect your own opinions, you should respect the opinions of others.

8. To err is human.

You might not intend it, but mistakes do happen and contribute to building experience. Tolerate honest mistakes, and don’t hesitate to apologize if you make one yourself.

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