9 Lessons To My Son in Respecting and Treating Women

Random Acts of Knightness

At the time of writing this, I am not a father nor do I know if I will ever have a son.

But the world has mistreated, looked down upon, and disrespected woman for centuries and changing that is the duty of men, especially fathers.

This is a few lessons to our sons in treating woman the way they were born to be treated; with love, respect and dignity.

My Dear Son,

You will one-day become a man but the kind of man you become will be judged on how you treat others, especially woman.

I want you to show the world that chivalry is not dead. Show them that it is still quite possible to be a gentlemen that is courteous, caring, kind, respectful, and appreciative of woman. Your mom will be proud, as will I my son.

Here are your lessons in treating a woman; your Random Acts of Knightness:

Lesson 1: She is your Equal

Always know that she is your Equal. Always treat her as your equal and never look down upon her. You will need her just as much as she needs you, and just because she may need help lifting things does not mean she is any less than you are.

You will soon find that it is her beautiful heart and mind that drives you, and that is where she is strongest, and possibly stronger than you are. But, remember my Son, no matter how amazing she is (and she will be), you are no lesser than her.

Lesson 2: She is someones daughter or sister

Firstly, respect her the way you would like your own mother or sister to be respected. If you are to do something in anyway (arguments, etc.) that you wouldn’t want her Father, Mother, Brother or Sister to find out because you may look bad, don’t do it.

Secondly, Love and Respect her family as your own. If you treat them like you treat us, like your own parents, they will treat you and love you like their own son. Her siblings are your own, if she has a little sister, she is also your little sister, a big brother is also your big brother.

Lastly, Love her truly and honestly. Love her in such a way that will make her Dad proud and her Mom jealous.

Lesson 3: Never try to change her

She exists with you, but not for you.

Let her be the wonderful woman she is, and not something you wish to change to suit you.

You should be beside her to love her as she is, the most perfect version of her, and to empower her to grow as she needs.

She will do a lot for you, changing who she is should not be one of them, and you should always show appreciation for all the things she does for you.

Lesson 4: She always comes first

Life will try and get in your way. Studies may get demanding, work may get stressful, friends may want your presence, no matter what occurs in your life — she always comes first and needs to feel it from you.

This also applies to making love.

Lesson 5: Make her feel secure

You need to assist her in feeling secure; both emotionally and physically.

The media portrays a beautiful woman in increasingly unrealistic and edited standards. She is a woman of flesh and not an edited version of perverted beauty. Look at her as if she is the most beautiful thing on Earth (she is).

Do not ogle other woman, not even in her absence. You are allowed to appreciate the beauty that is the existence of others, but your desire is for her alone. Quit watching porn. Don’t flirt with other woman (or guys).

Avoid being jealous, trust her.

Let her know and feel that she is enough, you do not need more than her and more does not exist.

Lesson 6: Be her friend

Be there for her when she needs you.

You do not always need to say anything. When she is upset, hold her.

When she is speaking to you, genuinely listen.

Communicate well, communicate often. Talk about how you both truly feel and leave little to guessing.

When she says nothing is wrong and she doesnt want to talk about it, be there waiting, she will talk and she needs you to listen.

Ask her what she needs, deliver.

You should endeavour to Raise your words, not your voice (or worse, your hands).

Raising your hands to a woman is unforgivable. I trust you never to do it.

Be gentle and caring with your words. Be Honest.

Your words should be equivalent to promises, keep your word, keep your promises.

All important things are to be said in person. Say ‘I Love You’ only if you mean it.

Apologise when you are wrong. See things from her point of view.

Lesson 8: Small things count.

The small things you do for her will count the most. Call her when you say you will.

Open the door for her. Give her your jacket if she is cold. Pay for the date if you can (but not to show masculinity, but just out of consideration to her).

Offer her your arm, especially if she is walking in heels. Stand when she enters the room.

Be a Gentlemen.

Give her gifts of time and attention.

Do not be prince charming simply to gain her love and affection (or her body).

Do not take her for granted and stop making the effort.

Do not be one person in public and with friends and a different person to her alone.

Always be the person she knows and loves.

These are the basics, son. I have faith you will be a better man than I ever was.

Love, Your Dad.

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