WordCamp Minneapolis: Powerful Local Development Environments with Brad Parbs

At WordCamp Minneapolis, Brad Parbs from WebDevStudios runs through an awesome presentation on creating and using Powerful Local Development Environments using Vagrants.

Some of the tools that Brad introduces are:

Brads presentation is really informative and educational (I promise, I am not biased ‘coz he mentions me and says I’m ‘a cool guy’ – honest).

Brad also wrote a great post on WebDevStudios blog titled: A Beginners Guide to the best Command Line Tools – definitely worth going through this tutorial article if you want to improve your command line skills.

About Leo Gopal

Leo Gopal is a writer of Code and Poetry, sometimes they are the same thing.

Leo Gopal has been part of the WordPress Community since he was a teenager (over a decade). Former Founder of WPHugs he is now part of the WP&UP team as a Mental Health Advisor. He is a Happiness Engineer with the awesome team at Codeable.io by day.

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  1. Ha – Awesome video except Scotch Box is actually not asscoiated with the very awesome bourbon.io team.

  2. Is it possible to get a copy of this WordPress Multisite protensatien that Brad made? Is it done in PowerPoint or something like that? If so, please publish a link so those of us who could not attend could share. Thank you.

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