WordPress Community and the next 20 years

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This year, 2023, I have the honour of serving as one of the Global Community Team Reps for the next 12 months. A great responsibility, and a huge honour which I endeavour my utmost to at least leave this role at the end better than I found it. That is always what one hopes to do, as it is with life.

Looking ahead to the next 20 years, it’s exciting to imagine what the WordPress community will accomplish. Here are a few things we hope to see:

More diversity in the community.

We want to see the WordPress community become even more diverse, inclusive, and welcoming. We need to continue to make strides in reaching out to underrepresented groups and making sure everyone feels like they belong.

Greater collaboration between WordPress developers and other WP project teams.

There are a lot of talented WordPress developers out there, but sometimes it can feel like they’re working in silos. We’d like to see more collaboration between developers, whether it’s through sharing code or working together on projects.

More innovation in WordPress.

WordPress has always been a tool for innovation, whether it’s in the form of new features or new ways of using the platform. We want to see even more innovation in the years to come, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with WordPress.

A stronger focus on the WordPress ecosystem.

The WordPress ecosystem is made up of all the different moving parts that work together to power the platform. This includes things like themes, plugins, hosting providers, and more. We want to see the community focus more on the ecosystem as a whole and work to make it even stronger.

A continued commitment to open source.

Open source is one of the core values of the WordPress community. We want to see this continue in the next 20 years, with more people contributing to WordPress and other open-source projects.

The next 20 years are going to be an exciting time for the WordPress community. We can’t wait to see what we’ll accomplish together.

*This post was mostly written by a prompt to ChatGPT-3 by Leo Gopal

About Leo Gopal

Leo Gopal is a writer of Code and Poetry, sometimes they are the same thing.

Leo Gopal has been part of the WordPress Community since he was a teenager (over a decade). Former Founder of WPHugs he is now part of the WP&UP team as a Mental Health Advisor. He is a Happiness Engineer with the awesome team at Codeable.io by day.

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