WooCommerce Cape Town Meetup

This was quite an eventful meet-up in Cape Town for WooCommerce. The highlights, for me, speaking about ‘Making WooCommerce your own‘ and Mark Forrester’s Q&A about the WooThemes Acquisition with Sean Parker-Ross.

Here are my presenter slides for the meetup:


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The First WooCommerce Meetup in Cape Town


On 25 Feb 2015, I attended the first (of many to come) WooCommerce Meetup in Cape Town. The event was organised through the meetup.com group with the main topic for the evening being eCommerce in South Africa. Though, the events began with a comical note due to Meetup.com having issues processing online payments for an event focused on online payments, the joys of tech.

The event was held in the Old Biscuit Mill in Cape Town at the The Bello Studio which was a lovely venue with great art adorning the walls – great for striking up conversation and breaking the ice. Turn-out was brilliant, with almost 50 attendees. Continue reading “The First WooCommerce Meetup in Cape Town”