Writing for HeroPress

Last week I had the honor of writing an essay for HeroPress titled: “W-W-Waiting for the right circumstances“.

The response to it was great (judging by retweets, DM’s, and emails.)

I am absolutely grateful to Topher DeRosia for giving me such an honor. Topher is the awesome guy behind HeroPress.com.

It will most likely be a day I would not soon forget in my WordPress career.

The highlight was having Matt Mullenweg, the co-founder of WordPress, tweet at me:

Being able to have this very brief interaction where, for a moment, I got to thank the person that gave us this community, was quite something. He is a great guy.

Also, many friends in the WordPress community sending their messages of support. It isn’t easy bearing bits of your soul to the world, but at times, worth it.

The Community that surrounds WordPress is the most amazing part about this open source software. If you can give back, you should do it.

I may write sometime soon about creating relationships, networking, twitter, and how important people, relationships, and community are. But for now, if you ever get a chance to inspire others (like writing for HeroPress) Do it!

If you have not already read it, here is my piece for HeroPress: “W-W-Waiting for the right circumstances“.



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