Poem: At The Speed of Light

If I could, I would fathom myself into a constellation
I would lay my body between the heavens and the earth
just so that if you ever looked above you and said a prayer to God
I would make sure he hears you.

If I could, I would fall from the heavens,
I would fall the same way I fell in love with you,
Continuous and infinite.

I would fall just so that amongst billions of stars, you would notice me.
I would fall and hope that you’d make a wish upon this falling star and I will spend my
entire journey down making your wish come true.
If I could, I would just keep falling for you.

Physics says that Time Stops at the speed of light, so If I could, I would fall towards you
at the speed of light, I would fall in such a way that the moment I touch you, Time stops
so that that single moment would last forever.

If I could, I would fall towards you with such intensity that would have me turn dust,
insignificant and everywhere.
I wana be dust upon this earth just so that you may
sometime or another walk upon me, and maybe, just maybe,
you would inhale the minute particles of me and for once have the chance to be a part of you.

Physics says that time slows down the higher the altitude,
So If I could I would live with you above cumulus clouds
so that every moment with you would last longer – so that
nothing would ever be able to rain on our parade.

Astrophysics says that inside a black hole Time Stops completely.
Inside a blackhole is where I want to kiss you… forever.

I once thought I was going to die and thats OK because I do believe in an afterlife.
And If this life was not the one that had me being with you again, there
would definitely be another coming soon.

Spending moments with you is like having a visitors pass to heaven.
Living a lifetime near you and not being with you is like
Standing outside the unlocked gates of heaven,
poised to enter but not pushing the gates open.
its… silly.

If I could, I would push, I would bend the gates bars like circus strong men,
In fact, If I could, I would light a stick of TNT from both ends just to
make sure that no other obstacle gets constructed to keep us apart.
And that my love… is just to start.

Everyone wants to go to heaven but not everyone wants to die to get there,
If holding you in my arms were heaven I would die repeatedly just to feel you constantly.
I will get resurrected through your smiles just to die to hold you again…
I want to be in the heaven of you.

Jean-Luc Godard said that every good story should have a beginning,
a middle and an end, but not necessarily in that order.
And my love, we have already had our end, Our story is just beginning
and its already beautiful.

My love, we are soulmates and I have had dreams of thousands of lifetimes
of memories of lives with you. I dreamt that you were a princess and I was
a slave and I fell in love with you and you with me but our love was illegal
so they said I seduced you and they stole my life prematurely – they took me from you.

I dreamt that you were a maiden and I was a blacksmiths boy and your parents
married you off and I wasnt even an option, I spent my life melting metal and
shaping it in the same way you molded me, in the same way you melted me and
I died alone – hoping for things to be different when I get resurrected…

I was a bee searching for honey, and honey, I landed in the flower of your palms…
But you brushed me away and the rejection killed me.

I was a young traveler traversing the earth exploring its beautiful secrets when I met you – you said you
will come with me and I waited, but they took me away and I left breadcrumbs
hoping that you would be able to find you way to me again…

I was slain and resurrected from the dead
and I became me and you were you and we were free and
nothing more needed to be said.

We loved with such intensity that we caught up from all the lifetimes we couldn’t have.
We played out the ending of our story first just so that the beginning could last forever.
and after thinking I was going to die, I was given a second chance, and with that
Our beginning has already begun.

…and I want it to go slow, slow like the kisses I place upon your lips.
slow, like forever was still an infinity away… slow, like a traffic jam – moving
with a stop and go motion that leads you home… home, is when you’re next to me.

I want to spend all night making sweet sense to you,
I want you to scratch your future into my back because i got your back,
I want you to know that I have your back like a vertebrae.
I want to grow old with you, I want to count the wrinkles
around your eyes from all the times you smiled at me.

Our hearts are muscles that need to be flexed, and darling we have spent too many lifetimes
flexing it in the wrong ways, with the wrong people.

Darling, my heart beats to the rhythm of
your name and I am flexing it for you.

Things sometimes looked hopeless for us, and I was asked if I would ever give up on you.
If a million teachers were shouting at me, telling me the answer was ‘Yes!’ I’d still say ‘No!’
I would try until the end, just as a man about to die still gasps to try and continue breathing.
I will never give up on you.

I hope you know how much you mean to me, I hope you know that lifetimes are not enough
for me to show you how much I love you, I hope you know that I am never giving up. I hope
you know I want to spend forever with you, traveling at the speed of light into a blackhole
with you lips upon mine. I love you.

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