Poem: My Pain

I am a hooker for pain pimped out to calamity
because tragedy seems to be the only commodity
that’s suitable for my trade.

I strip tease insanity and lap dance to sadness
I pole dance for an audience of fear and anxiety
I give an erection to suicidal thoughts because life is hard.
But through the difficulties I give head to failure and
I promise a happy ending.

When my clothes of happy thoughts are lying on the floor
I have intercourse with expectation
and give birth to disappointment because we do not have
the protection of happy endings here.
Just endings.

Years later I get married to pain, you see
I have always loved her, and she loves me too.
and although you may not like it…
there’s is nothing you can do.

People keep trying to offer me a helping hand
but the thing they do not understand
is this pain… its mine… there may be many like it
but this pain… is MINE.

Do not tell me you know how It feels
because you do not know these feelings like i do.
They are unique, they are mine, so when you know
How it feels to lay in the darkness making out with despair,
then come to me and tell me life is fair.

Because she’s not, Life isn’t fair, she doesn’t even care,
Life’s a bitch, but you know what, I made that bitch beautiful.

As time passes my love story bends.
You see, pain no longer talks to me. It hurts.
I try to feel her up but the chemistry
just isn’t there anymore. Our story ends.

Turns out, I thought pain was just mine.
But she’s been around, everyone I know
has had her sometime soon or ago.
I thought I was unique, but all she ever
wanted to do was make me weak…

Pain and I are no longer together,
But I don’t regret it, I still love her,
always will, we’re still friends and
she does come around once in a while.
and when she’s gone im left with a smile.

Now I am best friends with letting go,
I have stopped visiting yesterday and
postponed my trip to tomorrow.
My address is today and the time is now.

My roommate is pretty wonderful,
her name is Contentment.
She doesn’t travel much, apparently
she’s never been to yesterday or tomorrow,
She says that’s where her ex sorrow lives.

If you ever meet pain, she has a lot to teach
but you don’t have to fall in love with her,
she never stays long, she’s out of reach.

But if you do… If you do fall for her.
Be careful, she will bind your wrists
with worthlessness and make you want
to cut its invisible binds.

Don’t. Do. It.

I have been there. There’s a better way.
You can cut your wrists on my shoulder blades
because I have only love to give.
I may not be a hooker for pain,
But I am a slut for hugs.

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