The Death of Content Marketing

A Eulogy for Content Marketing with content that will make you ‘content’

I never thought that I would ever be happy at a funeral, but our Dear Ol’ Friend Content Marketing has passed away, and it is for the best.

May he rest in peace. Although, knowing him, ‘R.I.P’ probably means “Return If Possible” (#hashtag).

Content Marketing was very popular in his time and there are still many people in denial of his death, he was a beloved role model to many and celebrity to most.

Amongst Marketers, he was held upon a pedestal of awe. His greatest fans, affectionately known as ‘Content Marketers’, seated him upon a Golden Throne within their hearts.

CM died last night from low-conversions after accusations were placed against him that he was all ‘buzz and no substance’. His underlying issue was not viral.

In CM’s last will and testament he is noted for leaving his entire wealth, assets, and pretty much everything he owned to his father, Value Marketing. This comes as a surprise to his fans as its been known that Value and Content have not seen each other in a very long time.

Value Marketing has confirmed through a press conference that he is the way, the salvation and refuge to all Marketers. He holds the key to Marketing Heaven and all who faithfully follow Him (Value) shall be delivered.

Is Content Marketing Truly Dead?

Over the recent years of ‘Internet Marketing’, the publishing of Content has been touted one of the primary means of gaining influence, recognition, authority and reputation in the world of Business.

There is no doubt in my mind that providing content works as an effective strategy, but those preaching it have stripped it naked in the streets leaving it exposed to mass exploitation and (mind the analogy) content rape.

In an era where time is an essential commodity for many, we should be very careful as businesses, as brands, not to waste the time of people we wish to help and work with.

We are all running out of time, do you really want to be that person that steals into the precious time of your reader simply to gain ‘visitors’?

What people really want is value.

People want to find things that will improve their lives with every moment they spend with it. The more they experience this value with a person, business or brand the more likely they are to invest more than just time with you.

Your primary goal, no matter what it is that you do, is to provide value. Constantly and Consistently. Not merely ‘Content’.

The Best Marketing is Invisible, non-existent and silent. The Best Marketing is no marketing. Marketing is the price you pay for not properly providing value.

When you truly care about your audience and provide value to them, they will feel cared for and they will value you in return. Customers are now spoilt for choice, they no longer ‘need’ you when they can simply take their business somewhere else.

You know you need to refocus your endeavours on providing value and refining your purpose when your strategy for gaining clients is top-heavy with ‘tactics’.

Give your customers what they want. Give them what they ask for, and over-deliver, give them what they didn’t know they wanted. You can only do this if you spend the time and care to get to know your audience, intimately.

So, is Content Marketing really dead? The truth is, it never was alive, it was Value all along.

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  1. I so agree with you. One can stuff content (pardon the analogy) but one can’t stuff value. There are many content obese websites with little or no value but adding value is like adding salt to taste, too little is worthless, too much takes away from the overall value. A Scandinavian website about the effects of smoking is a good example of of awesome value with small content. I shall have to find the website address for reference. There are only a few words spread across the whole site but it speaks volumes when it comes to adding value. Thanks for reaffirming this important aspect of marketing.

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