Hot-air Balloons: The Secret to Entrepreneurial Success

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How to start, stay and be awesome in business

Floating above the world, looking down to an earth that is slowly getting smaller with every second that passes. As you rise higher you see the world with greater clarity, the bigger perspective emerges and you see everything as it is… and as it should be.

The more fuel you put in and the more weight you get rid off, the higher you go the further you travel. You move and the world goes silent. The only sounds that exist for you is that of your own fuel burning, the wind blowing and your heart pounding. It is an amazing journey, it does take skill, but its worth it.

What Does Hot-Air Balloons have to do with Success?

At this point you might be wondering what exactly does a ride on a hot-air balloon have to do with entrepreneurial success?

Literally? Nothing. Figuratively, Everything. With every venture you do and create you will come into struggles, and its great to understand that its ok.

These struggles are the things that keep you grounded at the start — but there comes a point in the journey where you simply have to overcome these issues, these struggles and let the weights fall so that you can rise faster and higher.

However, there is one ingredient you need for success that is vital — you will not succeed without this — and this ingredient is passion. Following your passion is not easy, its extremely hard and worth it.

There are hundreds of thousands of businesses that start every year around the world but only a handful still remain alive at the end of the year and even fewer still that go forward to being successful. The fact remains, most business creators quit — they quit because they are sane.

Honestly, no sane person is going to put in all of the work, all of the late hours, networking, brainstorming and innovation needed to survive and there is only one ingredient that you need to have to not boil over and fizzleaway — passion.

If you want to start your own business, make sure that whatever you are creating is something that sets your heart on fire. If it doesn’t inspire you and you are doing it just for the money or the hopes of the possible perks that may come from running your own business and being your own boss,you rather quit now.

Its a long road ahead and only the passionate create the path needed to success. This passion is the fuel of your hot air balloon, without it, no matter how many weights you drop and obstacles you overcome, you wont have take-off.

You will have obstacles, there will be people that believe in you and there will also be the faithless, people who want you to fail (yes, there are people like that, but they don’t know it — they are disguised as people who ‘care’and want the ‘best’ for you) — everything that is not built to enable you on your path and journey, is just noise. Distractions that are designed to take your focus off your goals — of your future — your destiny.

The more passion you put into your work, the more obstacles you overcome — the higher you shall soar. You will gain a birds eye-view perspective of the bigger picture. You will see everything you have accomplished and everywhere you will.

The vision of the successful is from 30,000 feet. You shall gain amazing clarity, and all the noise, distractions, weights and obstacles that were in your way before simply fade away and the only sound left is that of your own satisfaction, your heart set on fire and your thoughts screaming

“Well Done! You made it”

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