On Being A Husband

These are my promises to my future wife. (I am not married as of writing this).

My Dear Love,
Thus far, I probably haven’t been the best boyfriend I could be.
But you make me want to be a better me.
Not a better me for you, No. A Better Me for Me.
Thank you for loving me as I am. Unconditionally.

My Dear Love,
You are perfect.
Do not strive to be any different than the wonderful you that you are.
You ARE Perfect.
I promise to never try to change you.

My Dear Love,
You will change.
We all always change.
And when you do, I will love you as much now as I will then.
I will love you unconditionally.
I love you.

My Dear Love,
You are going to go through some tough times ahead.
I want you to know that I will always be there holding your hand.
I got your back.

My Dear Love,
I will never judge you.
So please feel free to make mistakes.
Follow your heart.

My Dear Love,
I will never forgive you again. I promise.
Forgiveness is an act that says that you did something wrong.
Forgiveness says that you have offended me.
‘Wrong’ and ‘Offence’ and things of Judgement.
I will not forgive and make them real.
Be who you are and I will love you so.
I love your honesty, never change that.

My Dear Love,
I will never raise my hand towards you.
Neither will I ever raise my voice at you.
I will never scold you or chastise you.
You are not a child that needs to be taught a lesson.
I will always let you know how I feel.
I will always speak to you with love.

My Dear Love,
Others may hurt you.
Others may make you not feel beautiful.
Others may make you feel not good enough.
I promise to do my best to never hurt you.
I promise to always make you feel beautiful as you are.
I promise to always allow you to know that you are perfect.
When you feel unworthy of love, I shall love you truly – always.

My Dear Love,
I promise to be a good Dad to our kids.
I promise to love your parents as my own.
I promise to keep my promises.

My Dear Love,
I am not perfect and I do make mistakes.
Please forgive me.
I Love You.

(to be continued)

About Leo Gopal

Leo Gopal is a writer of Code and Poetry, sometimes they are the same thing.

Leo Gopal has been part of the WordPress Community since he was a teenager (over a decade). Former Founder of WPHugs he is now part of the WP&UP team as a Mental Health Advisor. He is a Happiness Engineer with the awesome team at Codeable.io by day.

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