Hot-air Balloons: The Secret to Entrepreneurial Success

How to start, stay and be awesome in business

Floating above the world, looking down to an earth that is slowly getting smaller with every second that passes. As you rise higher you see the world with greater clarity, the bigger perspective emerges and you see everything as it is… and as it should be.

The more fuel you put in and the more weight you get rid off, the higher you go the further you travel. You move and the world goes silent. The only sounds that exist for you is that of your own fuel burning, the wind blowing and your heart pounding. It is an amazing journey, it does take skill, but its worth it.

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Poem: My Pain

I am a hooker for pain pimped out to calamity
because tragedy seems to be the only commodity
that’s suitable for my trade.

I strip tease insanity and lap dance to sadness
I pole dance for an audience of fear and anxiety
I give an erection to suicidal thoughts because life is hard.
But through the difficulties I give head to failure and
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